Debt Issuance Consulting

First Equity Finance undertakes a comprehensive study to provide institutions with a baseline for assessing the impact of borrowing on the financial position of the institution. Our team of experts analyzes the financial framework of the institution, its current and future capital financing needs, and provides a preliminary exploration and analysis of various financing alternatives.

Before developing a financing plan, our team will meet with the institution’s management, financial staff, and board of trustees to set up a comprehensive plan which will help the institution fulfill its future strategic objectives. Facilitating informed decision making regarding future capital financing needs, capital campaign requirements, and potential revenue increases.

We will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate financing structures with the underwriter as to their appropriateness for the specific needs of the institution.
  • Negotiate overall upfront costs, ongoing costs, and interest rate costs.
  • Assist the institution in preparing rating agency presentations.
  • Assist in negotiating the fees, terms, and conditions of credit enhancements provided by bond insurance companies and letter-of-credit banks.
  • Review and assess the appropriateness of the costs of issuance including the underwriter’s discount, remarketing fees, counsel fees, and trustee fees.
  • Evaluate the interest rate(s) proposed by the underwriter as to the appropriateness in the current market.
  • Compile an appendix for the official statement with financial and summary information on the institution as necessary for disclosure purposes and as needed by the rating agencies, letter-of-credit bank or insurance companies.